Dirt and Divinity

I have a dirt side,
akin to a dark side.
delving is what I do.
Digging to the root of the matter,
removing it.
I get dirty.
And I love it.
Just can’t understand,
why people don’t open their doors to me.
I have treasure!
I have truth!
So what if I stand outside their pretty houses,
covered in mud.


To touch existential power.
To connect with God and heaven.
To feel the tremendous force of a new life.
To partake as an usher,
feeling the hand of a newcomer,
pure, sacred being.
Heave becomes heaven.
Bodily thrust opens the door to heaven.
Rightfully earned by nine months of diligence.
Culmination for the carrier
is opening a door,
an act of achievement.
Closure divine.
An end is a beginning.


Gray water trickling in.
Hazy air.
Clouds unwilling to move.
Gooey soil void of green sprouts.
Nothing can grow.
Nothing can thrive.
There is motion.
Some call it life.
It has a heartbeat, embryonic.
It is one with the water.
The air, the land.
This is me.