The Elbow Grease Legacy

a novel published by

All Things That Matter Press

From the riot days of Detroit to the boomtown era of Houston, The Elbow Grease Legacy is a visceral novel chronicling a daughter’s coming-of-age journey. Growing awareness steers Tallulah Sheridan away from her working family’s dysfunctional cycles of addiction and deception. Events build and solidify her contempt for the alcoholic father, and hate becomes part of her identity.

Repeated uprooting during high school years adds to her anger. An uninvited spiritual awakening teams with college life to plant seeds of enlightenment, reveal the value of different perspectives, and establish her commitment to personal truth, be it unpretty, be it rage.  Moments of wrath clash with her allegiance to honesty, revealing and crumbling expectations.

Employment, marriage and pregnancy do not wait for her brain to clear the contaminated cobwebs. When her father’s sudden death demolishes every defense she has built against him, she craves sources of logic. Tallulah’s introspective goals demand earthy and relentless effort. Before she can free herself from the grip of the societal and personal elements that sucked her male parent into negative cycles, these weeds must be identified, and removed. Nature helps. Dirt flies.

Amazon Reviewed in the United States on October 14, 2022